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About Us

Durametrix was founded by scientists with the goal of implementing imaging-based solutions to real complex biological problems. As such we have assembled a multidisciplinary team with an extensive background of expertise in the areas of multi-modality imaging, imaging technology development, image processing, radiochemistry, cellular- and tissue-level studies, bioconjugate chemistry, chemical biology, drug discovery, drug safety, and tissue damage assessment.
Our team has an established track record in translational science with obtained industrial and federal funding and publications in imaging, in vivo toxicity testing, the development of diagnostic tools, and the investigation of pathogenesis of human disease.
At Durametrix, we strive to provide innovative solutions to complex problems with quality service in a timely manner. There’s no problem too big or too small for our team of complex innovators and PhD-level problem solvers to tackle. Contact us today to see what our team can do for you!

Test Tubes
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