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Integrity, Ethics, & Compliance

At Durametrix, we strive to maintain the utmost standards of integrity, ethics, and compliance. Grounded in our principles, we are dedicated to making ethical choices that benefit the progress of science and society. Each member of our team is entrusted with embodying these principles and upholding compliance as we endeavor to contribute positively to the field of evidence-based diagnostics and the advancement of biomedical science. Our programs in ethics and compliance play a fundamental role in realizing our objectives, nurturing ethical behavior, fostering accountability, proactively managing risks, and ensuring the long-term sustainability of our operations. Our commitment to integrity remains steadfast across all aspects of our endeavors, spanning academic, research, and business domains. To this aim, our Conflict of Interest (COI) office oversees and enforces institutional policies, ensures adherence to regulations, provides guidance to our community, and facilitates the work of our conflict-of-interest committees.

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To report a potential conflict of interest, or to inquire about the FCOI policiy of Durametrix, please contact  

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